domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

In Mexico we create a definition of Public Relations looking a simple understanding of the PR profession, The mexican asociation of public relations worked with a lost of professionas and Universitiesl to create this statement: THE MEXICO STATUTE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS The field of Public Relations is based on strategic communication that contributes to the success of the objectives of a public or private organization in a sustainable manner and in harmony with the society of which it forms part. The professional exercise of this discipline is based on strategy and the analysis of risks and opportunities. Its principal foundation of support is based on investigation, planning and the tools of communication. Within its practice and evaluation, the discipline of Public Relations acts with leadership, ethics and responsibility. The principal duties of the Public Relations field are to guide and safeguard the construction of the reputation of organizations, to contribute to the creation of business opportunities, to lobby within the public, private and social sectors, as well as to carry out activities of social responsibility. October 2007

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